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George Shaw | Selected Works

George Shaw
Landscape with Dog Shit Bin
Humbrol enamel on board
56 x 74.5 cm
Private Collection, London



5.Dendriform 10_2012_oil on canvas_214x277cm.jpg

Elizabeth Magill
Dendriform 10
Oil on canvas
214 x 277 cm
The Artist’s Collection



Sul Wongi | Selected Works

설원기 Wongi Sul
Snow Bowls
Charcoal on Korean paper
145 x 214 cm
The Artist’s Collection



Dongsik Rim | Selected Works

임동식 Dongsik Rim
나의 산책길 옆 언덕 A hill beside my walking path
Oil on canvas
182 x 227.5 cm
The Artist’s Collection



Sungsic Moon | Selected Works
문성식 Sungsic Moon
숲의 내부 2 Interior of Forest 2
Acrylic on fabric
114 x 337 cm
Collection of the Artist and Kukje Gallery



2.Hernan Bas_Saint Sebastian(arrows for martyrs)_2007_mixed media on linen over 2 panels_167.6x243.jpg

Hernan Bas
Saint Sebastian (arrows for martyrs)
Mixed media on linen over 2 panels
167.6 x 243.8 cm
Collection of Victorian Miro Gallery, London



이호인 Hoin Lee
풍경 Landscape
Oil on plastic board
60.5 x 90 cm
The Artist’s Collection

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