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NNExpress is a temporary art collective consisting of three members in their twenties and thirties, Yoonjin Chae, Geumyeob Hahm and Eunjung Kim. It was founded on an express bus 3307, riding through one of the harshest cold waves that hit the Korean peninsula back in winter 2013. Coming out of art school in the era of low economic growth, the members were struggling with their own state of instability such as hikikomori or the extreme retreat from the society, vegetarianism and pending graduation. While sharing the feeling that their lives were comparable to an express bus ride precipitating to a deeper abyss, the collective was created to overcome the commonness of individual anxieties and to resist against ‘the reckless disarray’ of the world. NNExpress explores the question of “How come the dazzling, bright future we see on television that everyone anticipated never arrived to our generation,” via the aesthetics and methods of ‘chattering.’



2013년 겨울을 강타한 최악의 한파를 뚫고 전진하던 고속버스 3307호 안에서 결성된 너님고속(김은정, 채윤진, 함금엽)은 20-30대를 아우르는 3명의 멤버가 함께하는 임시 미술 공동체이다. 각 멤버는 소위 저성장의 시대에 미대를 졸업한 후 히키코모리, 베지테리언과 졸업유예생이라는 각자의 기벽을 위태롭게 이어가던 차에 공동의 개인적 불안(인생의 나락으로 향하는 급행버스에 탑승한 기분)을 극복하고 세계의 ‘난폭한 어수선함’에 대응하기 위해 결성되었다. 왜 티브이에서 보았던 그토록 빛나는 미래는 우리 세대에 도래하지 않았는가에 대해 ‘재잘거리기’의 미학과 방법론을 경유하여 탐구하는 중이다.



Installation view of 2017 group exhibition Final Fantasy at HITE Collection, Seoul ⓒ NNExpress

Image Courtesy of HITE Collection

Photo by Janghwal Lim

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