Solo │ Works

양승원 Seungwon Yang

Covered Moment #1, 2019, pigment print on fabric, 200 x 300 cm © Seungwon Yang



윤호진 Hojin Yun

Double Take_Light temperature, 2007, 2019, still image projection © Hojin Yun



최지욱 Jee-ook Choi

<수면 드로잉 시리즈>, Drawing Chain Series, 2019,

color pencil on sticky paper, each 7.6 x 7.6 cm (21 pieces)

© Jee-ook Choi



허요 Hur Yoh

<하나 위에 다른 하나 내려놓기>, put one down on the other, 2019

clay, acrylic and oil on mixed cotton and linen, oil and wax on cotton, 128 x 60 x 4.6 cm

Image courtesy of the HITE Collection, Photo by Janghwal Lim

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