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강홍구_study of green-white birch A_acrylic on pigment print_190x480cm_2011

강홍구 Honggoo Kang

Study of Green-White Birch A


Acrylic on pigment print

190 x 480cm

Courtesy of the artist  & oneandj.Gallery



공성훈_돌던지기(남매)_A Brother and Sister Throwing Stones_Acrylic on paper_109x78.8cm_2014

공성훈 Sung-Hun Kong

돌던지기 (남매)   A Brother and Sister Throwing Stones


Acrylic on paper

109 x 78.8 cm

Courtesy of the artist



구정아_U Become Snow_digital print_57.7 x 90㎝_1998 2015

구정아 Koo Jeong A

U Become Snow

1998/ 2015

Digital print

Each 57.7 x 90 cm

Courtesy of the artist

소장: 매일유업㈜



김도균_201604221943_40 42 51N 73 56 4W H20ft 79E_Gelatin silver print wooden frame_61 x 40.6cm_2016

김도균 KDK

201604221943. 40 42 51N 73 56 4W H20ft 79E


Gelatin silver print wooden framed

61 x 40.6cm

Courtesy of the artist



박선민 Sunmin Park

6분 버수스 -버전 1   6 Minutes Versus – version 1


Single-channel video

6 min

Courtesy of the artist



연기백_교남 55_Gyonam 55_Wallpaper, wood_Dimensions variable_2015

연기백 Kibaik Yuon

교남 55 Gyonam 55


Wallpaper, wood

Dimensions variable

Photo: KDK & HITE Collection

Courtesy of the artist



오치균_창문_Window_Acrylic on canvas_73.5x58.5cm_1995

오치균 Chi Gyun Oh

창문 Window


Acrylic on canvas

73.5 x 58.5cm

Courtesy of the artist



이강원_물과 구름_Water and Cloud_stainless steel_29x32x32cm_2013

이강원 Kangwon Lee

물과 구름 Water and Cloud


Stainless steel

29 x 32 x 32cm

Courtesy of the artist



이수경_번역된 도자기 2016 TVWG 1_Translated Vase 2016 TVWG 1_Ceramic shards, epoxy, 24K gold leaf_174(h) x 128 x 120cm_2016

이수경 Yeesookyung

번역된 도자기_2016 TVWG 1

Translated Vase_2016 TVWG 1


Ceramic shards, epoxy, 24K gold leaf

174(h) x 128 x 120cm

Photo: Kwack Gongshin

Courtesy of the artist



채온_강한 사람_A Strong Man_oil on canvas_60.6x60.6cm_2012

채온 Cheon

강한 사람 A Strong Man


Oil on canvas

60.6 x 60.6cm

Courtesy of the artist



최대진_김추자 메들리_Kim Chooja Medley_Digital print, sound_24 hours_2015 2016

최대진 Daejin Choi

김추자 메들리 Kim Chooja Medley

2015/ 2016

Digital print, sound

24 hours

Photo: KDK & HITE Collection

Courtesy of the artist



최병소_Untitled(1973)_newspaper, ballpoint pen, pencil_39 x 54 x 1cm_2014

최병소 Byungso Choi

Untitled (1973)


Newspaper, ballpoint pen, pencil

39 x 54 x 1cm

Courtesy of the artist & ARARIO GALLERY



최수인_건_Dispute_Oil on canvas_112 x 162cm_2010

최수인 Su In Choi



Oil on canvas

112 x 162cm

Courtesy of the artist



최의순_016상_2016_석고, 마대_60(h)x55x20cm

최의순 Eui-Soon Choi

016 상 016 Figure


Plaster, hemp cloth

60 (h) x 55 x 20cm

Photo: 전병철

Courtesy of the artist



한상혁_나의 삼십년지기 친구들_My Dear Friends for 30 Years_Plaster_Dimensions variable_2016

한상혁 Sanghyuk Han

나의 삼십년지기 친구들   My Dear Friends for 30 Years



Dimensions variable

Photo: KDK & HITE Collection

Courtesy of the artist



홍범_Unseen #2_Glass, fishing line_Dimensions variable_Edition 1 of 3_2014, 2016

홍범 Buhm Hong

Unseen #2

2014/ 2016

Glass, fishing line

Dimensions variable

Edition 1 of 3


Floating Dreams


HD video projection, sound

Photo: KDK & HITE Collection

Courtesy of the artist

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